Putting the Plan into action

The University of Lethbridge's new 2009-2013 Strategic Plan was released to the U of L community in early February through a well-attended launch event in the Atrium. One of the major goals of the plan's authors was to not have it sit stale after being rolled out to the community. It is, after all, a dynamic document that was crafted to change with the University over the next five years.

A series of videos discussing the five strategic priorities of the plan was created to show how U of L staff, faculty and students can continue to participate in the implementation of the plan. These videos can be viewed on the Strategic Plan website or by clicking on the "Featured Video" link on the UNews homepage.

Linda Embury, the face of the Human Resources Department, is a big proponent of developing a strong internal community at the U of L.

Every two weeks, UNews updates the Featured Video to reflect a different section of the 2009-2013 Strategic Plan. The latest video to go up speaks about the U of L building its internal community and enhancing relationships with its external communities.

The Strategic Plan booklet produced by the Communications Office provides testimonials from all walks of the U of L community. Linda Embury, an administrative assistant in the Human Resources Department, is one of the first faces people see when they visit the University. Therefore, she was a perfect fit for discussing this strategic priority.

"We are each a piece of the pie that is the University of Lethbridge, and without us, the University wouldn't be the success it is," Embury says, speaking of the real strength of the institution, its people.

Maintaining that personality and fostering relations is a big part of her role. While it has changed over the years, she understands how important it is to continue building the University's internal community.

"When I look at how the University has changed over the last 20 years that I have been here, we have grown tremendously. There are more people, we have spread out over many buildings and consequently need to use e-mail instead of going down the hall to speak with someone like we did in the old days. But we still are a family, and maintaining that family atmosphere is extremely important to me," Embury says. "In my day-to-day work, I make a special effort to ensure that I give whoever comes into Human Resources – whether it's a staff or faculty member, a student or someone off the street – the very best service possible. You never realize the impact that you will have on someone down the road."

Embury is one of the University's biggest fans and it is reflected when she welcomes a new employee or simply gets an opportunity to tell someone where she works. In that way, she is actively engaging the Strategic Plan.

"I am always very proud to be part of the University of Lethbridge," she says. "I think it's a fabulous place to learn and to work, and I take that message out into the community with me wherever I go."