Making a difference in the lives of others, Tamayose awarded Young Alumnus of the Year honour

The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association (ULAA) is excited to announce two-time graduate Aaron Tamayose (BA ’09, MC ’17) as the 2019 Young Alumnus of the Year.

Tamayose, who worked nine years in the U of L’s Accommodated Learning Centre, is currently a registered psychologist and Canadian certified counsellor for Forensic Assessment and Outpatient Services (FAOS) with Alberta Health Services.

“We are very proud of Aaron’s work in the community and his commitment to bettering society. Our U of L alumni make valuable contributions throughout our communities every day and his impact both at the University of Lethbridge and now with Alberta Health Services is tangible,” says Matthew McHugh, Chair of the ULAA Recognition Committee. “He’s very deserving of this honour.”

Young Alumnus of the Year - Aaron Tamayose

From his work as a registered psychologist to his commitment to bringing his expertise into the larger community, Aaron Tamayose’s precise care and innovative approaches have established him as a positive force for change in the lives of many.

Upon completing his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Lethbridge, his experience and community involvement earned him a position working in the U of L’s Accommodated Learning Centre (ALC). During his nine years there, Tamayose grew the scope of services available to students who required additional learning supports. From expanding the accessibility and understanding of the services available at the centre to minimizing the associated stigma, his efforts broadened greatly the impact of the ALC’s work.

While at the U of L, Tamayose completed his Master of Counselling in Applied Psychology and entered a practicum at Alberta Health Services. He gained firsthand experience providing assessments and treatments to clients accessing the services there and was soon offered a position with their team.

Today, he works as a registered psychologist (forensic and clinical) and Canadian certified counsellor for FAOS and the Rocky Mountain Program. In his role, Tamayose provides assessment and treatment of offenders and assists clients with the transition from prison to a community setting. He helped develop the Rebound Program, which is for offenders who have been diagnosed with intellectual abilities, and provides applied therapies that aim to prevent re-offense for those who are not otherwise suited for traditional forms of therapy. In addition, Tamayose works as a sessional instructor at Reeves College, helping to support the future endeavors of students in the field.

Between his active involvement in the community and his various roles on community boards of directors, to his recent launch of a private practice, it is abundantly clear that Tamayose is generating a substantial impact on Calgary’s social services landscape.

Tamayose will be honoured at 2019 Fall Convocation on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019 at 10 a.m. in the 1st Choice Savings Centre gymnasium.