Campus Life

Lindemann's excellence in Dhillon School recognized with President's Award

The University of Lethbridge is proud to recognize Josh Lindemann with the President's Award for Service Excellence in the AUPE classification.

Josh Lindemann

What sets Josh Lindemann apart is his assuring approach to problems and his steadfast character. His love of academic technology shines through in everything he does. Josh is innovative and proactive. Over the last 15 years of working with the Dhillon School of Business (DSB) in IT support and management, Josh always goes above and beyond his job requirements.

Josh was indispensable in the transition to online learning. As part of the COVID-tech working group, he helped the DSB community meet new technology needs. He generously offered help, provided access to software packages and took leadership in creating Zoom tutorials.

Josh always puts students first and exceeds expectations on every front. Even before the University’s current financial challenges, Josh sought out ways to save money by coordinating licenses and was flexible in his approach. For example, his support of the Citrix environment used in the SCALE-UP classroom, which would not otherwise have been available to students. Josh even went to campus on his day off to help students with computer problems, an example of his dedication to helping others.

Josh regularly works with instructors to support blended learning initiatives and to spark student engagement. This includes supporting the unique DSB Financial Trading Room, a notable experiential learning opportunity. Each year, Josh volunteers his time to provide tech support for the Management Scholarship Dinner, a well-known and high-profile community fundraising event. He is also keenly involved in ongoing professional development activities which not only enable him to continue to excel as his job, but also expand his skill set to support other IT related functions in the School and more widely on campus.

Josh’s attitude is always helpful and willing, even when incredibly busy, making him an unforgettable mentor to students and the go-to person for faculty members.