Library renovation invaluable

Recent visitors to the University Library may have witnessed the progression of an exciting renovation.

The project (to be completed by June), will provide nine new group workrooms (five on Level 11 and four on Level 10) that will support the learning experience of University students. In addition to traditional group workroom amenities such as white boards and tables, the five rooms on Level 11 will include wall mounted LCD monitors in place of a standard data projector.

"We are very excited about the space redesign and how it will further enhance the library's role in being a learning hub in the University community," says Brenda Mathenia, associate University librarian, Client Services & Facilities. "Group workrooms are in constant demand so we know that adding nine more will be welcomed by students. We also want to provide more clearly defined spaces for different types of library use and to facilitate access to critical information and technology resources."

Mathenia adds that the renovation both enhances the student experience while sustaining the strategic priority to, "build a healthy, supportive and collaborative environment and culture that promotes student, faculty, staff and alumni success and satisfaction".

In addition to the group workrooms, additional renovations are underway that will provide important changes to library staff work areas, allowing for greater collaborative work that directly supports the ongoing development of innovative information discovery tools, technologies and resources.

Beyond the new construction, unused printer/copier stations on levels 9, 10 and 11 were removed – regaining valuable floor space that will be put to use primarily for student study space (carrels and/or tables).

The renovation required the relocation of a number of student computers and several collections including the Media Collection (now on Level 10 South), the microform collection (condensed to the space adjacent to the Prentice Institute on Level 11) and the map collection (shifted to accommodate the new workrooms on Level 10).