Lawson recognizes a need

Annual Supporting Our Students campaign launches Oct. 24-28

From student to staff member, Sharon Lawson (BEd '88) is no stranger to the University of Lethbridge. With a first-hand understanding of the U of L student experience, she has been supporting students since her first day on the job.

Lawson graduated from the U of L with a Bachelor of Education degree. After a few years of working in several different fields, she returned to the University in 2009 as an administrative assistant in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

What Lawson enjoys most about her job are the people she works with.

"We have fantastic faculty and staff," she says. "I enjoy the team atmosphere here. Everyone works together and shows appreciation for each other."

While she is now a staff member, Lawson has not forgotten what it's like to be a student. She understands the challenges many students face and realizes she was lucky when she was in their shoes.

"I was able to live at home and rely on the 'Bank of Dad,'" she jokes. "I also received an entrance scholarship. Many students aren't so lucky."

Lawson has seen the cost of education rise a great deal since she was taking classes, leading many students to depend on student loans.

"Student debt is growing significantly," she says. "Anything I can do to help students start their careers with a little bit less debt and stress is a good thing. That's why I donate to the Supporting Our Students campaign."

Supporting Our Students (SOS) is an annual fundraising campaign aimed towards faculty and staff on campus. The purpose of the campaign is to raise money for student awards. Since its launch in 2005, faculty and staff have generously donated more than $1 million, sending a strong message to students that the University community stands behind them.

Lawson emphasizes the impact of her giving.

"I find that often when giving to larger charities you don't see the impact right away," she says, "whereas my donation to this campaign is having a visible and immediate impact on students."

For more information on Supporting Our Students, please visit or call University Advancement at 403-329-2582.