Jansen discusses CAETL experience

Teaching and learning are fundamental to the purpose of the University of Lethbridge. To that end, the Centre for the Advancement of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CAETL) was created to promote and sustain outstanding and inspirational teaching.

Through its commitment to scholarship, research and best practice, CAETL advances creativity, originality and discovery in teaching. It strives to promote and enhance the many tools required in the professional development of university level teachers and lecturers. This commitment to excellence in teaching ensures that, in a rapidly changing educational environment, the U of L continues to provide outstanding learning experiences for its students and faculty.

Dr. Harold Jansen, a political science professor, served as a CAETL teaching fellow over the past year, finding the experience both enlightening and rewarding. View his video as he talks about his relationship with CAETL and how it benefits the University of Lethbridge.

For more on CAETL, visit this link.