Campus Life

Inclusive, single-user washrooms introduced at U of L campus

In its continuing efforts to create safe, accessible and inclusive learning and working environments for students, staff and faculty, the University of Lethbridge has created 10 single-user inclusive washrooms on campus.

The washrooms provide additional privacy and accessibility to all individuals. These washrooms are wheelchair accessible, include proper medical waste (needles) disposal bins, and in some instances baby-change tables.

Signage for the new inclusive washrooms.

“Access to gender-neutral inclusive washrooms provides privacy and safety for all individuals,” say Carly Adams, Past Chair of the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association Gender, Equity and Diversity Caucus.

“These spaces will benefit those requiring additional privacy, which may include individuals who do not identify as male or female, people with disabilities who have personal care attendants, parents with children, people with chronic illness or other health needs and people washing before prayer.”

Other Canadian post-secondary institutions have undertaken similar initiatives.

The 10 single-user inclusive washrooms are located across campus. Three washrooms are in the 1st Choice Savings Centre (physical education building) while Anderson Hall, Exploration Place (CCBN) and the LINC building house two each. The final washroom is located in the Fine Arts building.

“These washrooms will serve many needs of our diverse student body and are an important element of an accessible and inclusive campus,” says Danika Jorgensen, a co-coordinator of the Campus Women’s Centre, which also played a key role in this initiative.

The washrooms are identifiable with gender-neutral signage.