How to achieve lasting behaviour change at the heart of new research study

Participants aged 25-70 sought for 12-month trial

A new year for many is more than just a flip of the calendar, rather it’s another opportunity to make substantial changes in their lives, from mental to physical health, to relationships, financial planning and more. Recognizing these well-meaning resolutions often rarely last, researchers at Queen’s University and the University of Lethbridge are studying a new way to approach lasting behaviour change.

Dr. Paige Pope is a health promotion researcher in the Department of Kinesiology.

Participants are now being sought for a novel research trial, the Preparedness for the Future Program, that will allow successful applicants free access to an online program designed to maximize life satisfaction, increase longevity, and enhance quality of life physically, socially and mentally.

“We call it the Preparedness for the Future Program and it’s been developed after years of thorough scientific research. We’ve identified the most important topics that are essential for living and aging well,” says Dr. Daren Heyland, doctor and researcher at Queen’s University. “The program was created to help people reach their goals, increase life satisfaction, attain better health and be more proactive by teaching them a new system of behaviour change.”

Many people sincerely try to make positive changes in their lives but fail because they do not understand how to maintain lasting change and fall back into established patterns. Dr. Paige Pope, a health promotion researcher in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Lethbridge, says finding your true source of motivation is key.

Dr. Daren Heyland is a doctor and researcher at Queen’s University.

“There is enough information out there for anybody to start a health and wellness journey, but information alone is not enough to make lasting change,” says Pope. “This program is designed to tap into what motivates you individually and then use interactive learning modules and accompanying activities that help you identify and change underlying attitudes and beliefs that may be getting in your way of reaching your goals.”

The study will take place over a 12-month period and participants will have free access to the program throughout the duration of the study. Persons aged 25-70 are eligible to apply. Successful applicants will answer a series of questionnaires (once at the beginning, then at six months, and again at 12 months) to measure the effectiveness of the program.

“We’re optimistic this program will help people who are willing to invest time and energy in themselves to make positive, impactful changes in their lives, all while discovering strategies they can use well into the future,” adds Pope.

For more on the Preparedness for the Future Program and to apply, check out this web page.