Forbes and Bryant present readings

James Forbes and Dave Bryant will be featured Friday night in the David Spinks Theatre as they present their winning entries from the second annual U of L Plays and Prose Writing Competition.

Forbes, a second-year English major from Grand Forks, BC, captured first prize in the Play Right Competition, while Bryant claimed the top prize in the prose portion of the event. They will each present public readings of their winning entries beginning at 7 p.m.

Forbes' Blind Leading the Blind Date is a comedy about what happens when things do not go as planned, and the love stories that develop as a result. Things go wrong from the get-go when Frank, an incompetent matchmaker, sets up his pal Mike on a blind date and then points out the wrong girl at the restaurant. A series of escalating catastrophes ensue as Frank seeks to correct his mistakes, while Mike tries to win over the sweet and funny Julie in spite of it all.

U of L alumnus Terry Whitehead generously supports the U of L Play Right Competition. Its aim is to encourage excellence and development in student playwriting.

According to Play Right Prize Steering Committee members, Marek Czuma and Barbra French, each of the Theatre and Dramatic Arts faculty, this year's plays competition attracted 14 entrants, up from 12 last year.