Celebrating Success: SOS 2008

In 2005, Supporting Our Students started as an internal, annual campaign to raise money for student awards. Since then, the initiative has grown by leaps and bounds as U of L faculty and staff continue to demonstrate a tangible commitment to students.

The 2008 campaign marked the most successful year to date. Supporting Our Students Co-Chairs Dr. Dayna Daniels and Randy Joseph reflect on the campaign and the people who stepped forward to show support.

Q. As you look back at Supporting Our Students 2008, what stands out?

Dayna: The results really highlight the success of the campaign. We exceeded all of our goals in terms of the numbers of participants and the amount we set out to raise. Surpassing our goal for the number of participants in the campaign was a huge accomplishment – I'm really proud of that. Considering the downturn in the economy, the fact that people were willing to dig deep and come up with money to support our students was really great.

Randy: The campaign sort of drove itself. In the spring, we set out to create awareness about the need for both scholarships and bursaries. People began to recognize that even a small contribution was worthwhile. As a result, we received support from a lot of different groups.

Q. What role did the volunteers play in the 2008 campaign?

Dayna: There were 24 other people we enlisted to help in the campaign – these were individuals who had given to Supporting Our Students and were willing to go one step further.

Randy: I liked to think of our volunteers as our key communicators. They played an important part because they spread out across campus and got the word out to their various areas.

Dayna: They were really enthusiastic about helping, and that made it exciting. Hopefully the momentum of that will keep going.

Q. Can you explain the significance of the Supporting Our Students stickers that have been popping up around campus?

Randy: We talked early in the campaign about how most people didn't want a memento that would cost money, but the idea behind the Supporting Our Students stickers was that they would provide visual recognition, while remaining relatively inexpensive.

Dayna: Our volunteers distributed the stickers to everyone on campus who made a contribution. The visibility of just that little sticker said, "I am a part of this." It also allowed students to identify some of the people who contribute to awards they may have received. As I've walked down the halls of the University, I've seen a lot of the stickers around – I think people take pride in letting others know they made a contribution.

Q. What final words do you have as Co-Chairs for Supporting Our Students?

Dayna: I'd like to thank everybody who made a contribution, but particularly the new contributors, returning contributors and the people who increased the amount they gave. Giving back to our students is an important aspect of the University of Lethbridge, and we're all a part of it.

Randy: Students are our core business; they're the people we need to serve. If we have the ability to donate some money towards their future, that's really a positive thing. I would also like to thank everyone who put some of his or her own finances towards this. Thank you for your commitment.

Dayna: And as a final note, I would challenge whoever replaces us as the 2009 Chairs to go even bigger!

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