Campus Life

Business as usual following grass fire event

Classes are running and University of Lethbridge operations are back to normal today after the University ceased non-essential services late Monday afternoon in response to the grass fire event west of the city.

Everything at the University is fully operational today and the U of L expects no further interruptions of service related to the grass fire. The decision to shut down non-essential services and to cancel evening classes was made to help alleviate traffic to and from the University, allowing emergency services personnel clearer travel so that they could deal with the grass fire.

An estimated 4,800 hectares were scorched during the event, with hotspots continuing to be monitored today. A downed power line on the Blood Reserve sparked the fire and forced the evacuation of a number of areas in the County of Lethbridge, including the town of Coalhurst. A local state of emergency is still in effect but residents of both the Westside Trailer Court and Bridgeview Campground are being allowed to return to their homes.

For further updates on the grass fire event, continue to monitor the City of Lethbridge website by following this link.