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Bringing alive the world of Fantastica

The world of Fantastica is doomed and on the brink of being enveloped by the Nothingness! Atreyu, a young hero in Fantastica, and Bastien, a boy in the real world, must stop the darkness from taking hold by saving the Childlike Empress.

The adventures of these boys and a company of wondrous characters play out on the University Theatre stage, Feb. 12-16 at 7 p.m. nightly. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende and adapted by David. S. Craig is perfect for anyone who has read a book so good they did not want it to end.

Neverending Story
Director Andrew Legg mimics the emotion of one of the many puppet figures that will be used in the stage production.

Creating the magical world of Fantastica for the stage is no small task. From the creepy crawly characters in the form of imaginative puppets, to a set that transforms between Fantastica and the real world, audiences of all ages are in for a spellbinding experience.

Set Designer, Vicki Moser (BA '12) explains the delicate balance of creating a set that easily shifts between the real world and Fantastica.

"Part of the director's concept is to have everything in the imaginary world of Fantastica linked to something we have seen in the real world that Bastian inhabits," she says. "Our set incorporates pieces we have in the real world that transform into something else in Fantastica – everything shifts and morphs and moves, literally, as Bastian's imagination comes to life on stage."

Director Andrew Legg (MFA candidate) chose to direct The Neverending Story as part of the requirements for his MFA degree because the movie had such an impact on him as a child.

"It's a story for all ages, because I think we all identify and cheer for the underdog. I remember watching the film and immediately connecting with both Atreyu and Bastien," says Legg. "The Neverending Story is a great hero's adventure, with wonderfully fantastic characters. I'm thrilled to see it all come to life on stage."

Recommended for ages 10 and up, tickets for The Neverending Story are available at the University Box Office, Monday through Friday, 12:30 to 3:30 p.m., or by calling 403-329-2616. Individual tickets are priced at $15 regular, $10 seniors/students and children. Regular tickets are also available online at

This story first appeared in the February 2013 edition of the Legend. For a look at the full issue in a flipbook format, follow this link.