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Bookstore recognized with annual Volunteer Award

A hub for student engagement and inspirational leader for a number of important societal campaigns and student and community issues, the University of Lethbridge Bookstore was named winner of the annual Volunteer Award at Thursday’s Chancellor’s Reception.

The Bookstore was recognized specifically for its support of the annual Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation Christmas Tree Festival and Gala, which continues to foster growth, learning and connectivity to the broader Lethbridge community through the spectacular Tree of Knowledge.

University of Lethbridge Bookstore

As the go-to spot on campus for all the essentials that students, faculty and staff need for their day-to-day activities, the Bookstore has also become a hub for student engagement.

What separates the Bookstore is that it is so much more than a retail location. It’s a landmark, a meeting spot and, over the years, has emerged as a key supporter of important community issues. One such campaign is the annual Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation Christmas Tree Festival and Gala.

The Bookstore first began its participation in 2004 and routinely crafts an aesthetically beautiful and well-themed tree, often referred to as the Tree of Knowledge. The trees are renowned for their striking visual beauty and decorated with more than 100 books every year. In addition to the small library found on the tree, the successful bidder will find gift certificates for services, activities and events taking place at and put on by the University. It is a proud representation and symbol of engagement for the U of L as a valuable community partner and source of educational and research enlightenment for the southern Alberta region.

Since 2009, over $26,400 has been raised for the Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation from the auctioning of the Bookstore trees. There have also been multiple years when tree buyers have donated the Tree of Knowledge to local schools, further spreading knowledge and expanding educational opportunities throughout the region.