Alumni Profile - Jason Elliott

Alumni have always played an important role in the University community and the U of L Alumni Association (ULAA) has been key in that process. Whether at ULAA executive meetings, or board and senate meetings, this diverse group represents U of L alumni around the world.

But just who are they? Get to know your ULAA council members through this series of profiles.

The Human Resources Manager at the City of Lethbridge, alumnus Jason Elliott was one of the first to go through the University's Co-op program.

Meet Jason

His interests span from community involvement to sailing on the prairies. Learn more about Jason Elliott (BMgt ’95), the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association Secretary.

Major: Human Resources Management and one of the first students to participate in the Co-op program

Student Clubs/Activities: Vice President of the Management Students' Society

Current Job: Human Resources Manager at the City of Lethbridge

Favourite U of L Memory: I remember looking forward to a delicious sandwich made with love by Pearl at the Fresh Express in the main hall. She was like a mother to many students and the length of the sandwich line every day reflected how good she was!

What is the first thing you want people to know about you?: I love our community and am passionate about public service. I am so proud to be living in Lethbridge and thrilled to be raising my family here.

What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing you love?: Sailing on the prairies. For some unknown reason I became interested in sailing at a young age. I took courses and learned how to do it and in my university days bought my first boat from former Faculty of Management Dean, Dr. George Lermer. I still have that boat and while I don’t get out on the water as much as I would like, it is still a passion that I hope to pass along to my kids.

What is your favourite fail (A time when an apparent failure was for the best): When I graduated from university in the mid-1990s, job prospects were difficult to come by. I worked hard on a long shot connection to a business owner in the British Virgin Islands. After some time, it was starting to line up and I was planning to go there to work on one of his two wooden sailboat charters. Right near the end of that process an opportunity presented itself here in Lethbridge in my chosen field of human resources. I interviewed and was offered the job on the same day that I was to decide on the BVI opportunity. I opted for the HR job and called the business owner from the interview room to decline the sailing gig. About a month later a hurricane went through the islands and destroyed both of his boats…

What is the best investment you've ever made? (Can be money, time, energy, etc.): My best investment has been buying an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I was actually working at the University Development Office at the time I purchased the ring. It has continued to pay dividends for the past 23 years.

What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life in the last six months?: A few weeks ago, I was in Fernie, BC with my 13-year-old daughter. The two of us went for a wonderful breakfast and enjoyed some special time together in conversation.

What belief, behaviour or habit has most improved your life since graduation?: Stay committed to what you want and/or what you believe in. The trip down the road will have all kinds of obstacles but stay focused on your objective and keep moving!