Alumni Association announces 2014 Honour Society inductees

The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association is pleased to announce its 2014 Honour Society Inductees.

A total of six distinguished alumni are being inducted this year, representing educators, researchers, artists, lawyers and community advocates.

Introduced in celebration of the University's 35th anniversary in 2002, the Alumni Honour Society recognizes the achievement of successful alumni within the global community. The alumni inducted into this prestigious group have served as role models to our students and the broader University community through success in their vocation, outstanding community service or superior accomplishment in their avocation.

2014 Honour Society Inductees

Denise Calderwood (MEd ’93)

Denise Calderwood is an active documentary filmmaker and passionate supporter of the arts. Since founding her own film production company, Chinook Fire Productions, she has helped write, direct, film and produce 10 documentaries covering various topics of relevance to southern Alberta. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Calderwood has diligently served her community by volunteering her time with the Fort Museum, the Empress Theatre and the Fort Macleod International Festival, which brings classical musicians to venues across the area.

Craig Findlay (BEd ’93, MEd ’10)

An educator in Lethbridge for more than 21 years, Craig Findlay is recognized for his innovative and engaging approach to social studies education. His willingness to embrace technology in the classroom combined with his support of multiple learning styles results in student-driven projects that encourage exploration in a variety of subjects as they relate to current events. Findlay is committed to bringing his subject matter to life and has planned three European student tours that highlight points of interest in the social studies curriculum. Dedicated to his profession and respected by his peers, Findlay was one of only 60 teachers in Canada to receive a Certificate of Achievement in the Prime Minister’s 2013 Awards for Teaching Excellence and Excellence.

Robbin Gibb (BASc (BSc) ’77, MSc ’01, PhD ’04)

A three-time alumna, Dr. Robbin Gibb was the first student to complete a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree at the University of Lethbridge. Currently an associate professor in the department of neuroscience at the U of L, her research focuses on parental influences on brain development and recovery from early brain injury. She has published more than 60 journal articles and presented her research findings to various community, government and judiciary organizations. Gibb’s passion for her subject matter serves as the inspiration for her teaching and she is well respected by students, colleagues and community members. She is a member of the Early Childhood Education Advisory Committee for Lethbridge College, the Alberta Learning and Child Care Curriculum Advisory Committee and the province’s Early Childhood Development Priority Initiative Research and Innovation Strategy Committee.

Wendy Cecilia Fox (BASc (BA) ’71)

Born and raised in Lethbridge, Alta., Wendy C. Fox was one of the forward-thinking citizens who believed southern Alberta merited its own university. She began her studies at the U of L in 1968, only one year after the University’s inception, and was an engaged student, maintaining a high GPA, serving on several University committees and playing badminton. Her U of L experience fostered a commitment to lifelong learning that would eventually lead her to complete an MA in anthropology. Her passionate approach to life has led to her success in the field of career development, where her innovative approach to theoretical developments translates into a variety of effective practices.

Sheila McHugh (DPE ’84, MEd ’97)

Trained as an educator, Sheila McHugh spent many years as a substitute teacher while trying to balance the demands of work and family. Her experiences led her to complete a master’s degree, investigating the status of substitute teachers in school districts across southern Alberta. Her work on this subject has been published in academic journals and she has presented her findings both locally and internationally. In addition, McHugh served as president of the U of L Alumni Association, playing a key role in advancing the association and strengthening communication with its alumni.

Michael Dimnik Q.C. (BASc (BA) ’81)

After graduating from the U of L, Michael Dimnik obtained a bachelor of laws degree from the University of Saskatchewan. Currently, Dimnik is a highly respected lawyer and principal of his own firm and was recently named to Queen’s Council, an honour that recognizes his commitment to his profession and his community. In addition to his professional obligations, Dimnik has devoted considerable time to numerous community organizations, including St. Michael’s Health Centre, the Lethbridge Regional Police Commission, the Lethbridge Separate School Division as well as the U of L Alumni Association and Senate, and currently serves as a director on a number of boards including the Covenant Health of Alberta Board of Directors.