CRC Call for Expressions of Interest

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Canada Research Chair program: Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

11 July 2022 

As defined in the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, research “is best viewed as a placeholder for the diverse disciplinary pursuits that lead to knowledge and understanding: pure basic research, scholarly inquiry, applied research, adaptive research, creative activities, and knowledge exchange.

On behalf of their Faculties and Schools and in support of existing or emerging research excellence, Deans are encouraged to submit EOIs per the available Canada Research Chair positions. If a Faculty/School elects to submit more than one EOI per availability, a ranking of the submissions shall accompany the submissions. Nominees can be external or internal within the eligibility and EDI criteria. Nominees must be self-declared members of one or more of the four designated groups (Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, racialized minorities and women). Funding is contingent on these criteria.

In this call, there are five CRC allocations available based on soon-to-be-vacated Research Chairs at the University of Lethbridge:

One - Tier 2 Chair in any area (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) of research, tenable for five years and renewable once, is for exceptional emerging researchers, acknowledged by their peers as having the potential to lead in their field. For each Tier 2 Chair, the University receives $100,000 annually for five years.

Four - Tier 2 Chair in an NSERC area of research, tenable for five years and renewable once, are for exceptional emerging researchers, acknowledged by their peers as having the potential to lead in their field. For each Tier 2 Chair, the university receives $100,000 annually for five years.

In preparing an EOI and identifying a key strategic focus for internal allocation of these five CRC opportunities at the University of Lethbridge, all EOIs will directly reference the Strategic Research Plan 2020-2023 and the Alberta Technology and Innovation Strategy (ATIS).

CRC allocations present an opportunity for an incremental or transformational advance and impact in subject areas where demonstrable research expertise, capacity, and impact exist. EOIs should address connections to existing expertise and impact within the Faculty/School and with other Chairs. The anticipated transformational and incremental impacts that a CRC allocation will leverage (e.g., the potential for increased external funding, encouragement, leverage or support of others’ research and motivation for external proposals) should also be addressed.

 The Expression of Interest (s) are expected to identify a strategic area for establishing a Research Chair and the profile of a potential Chairholder by addressing:

1. Rationale for Research Chair Allocation

  • research strengths in the proposed field
  • expected ability to leverage additional resources
  • contribution to the creation and mobilization of knowledge through training of graduate students and highly qualified personnel, outreach activities and interdisciplinary collaboration, and the potential of attracting a high-calibre candidate

 2. Description of the Research Environment

  • Build on an established area of strength or catalyze an emerging research niche. This description should include details on the current environment within the research area at the University of Lethbridge, and consideration of how existing infrastructure and research collaborations on campus could be harnessed to support a CRC in the proposed theme.

 3. Strategic Research Plan

  • demonstration of fit with the University’s Strategic Research Plan and expected impact on the research profile of the Faculty and/or academic/research unit and the University.

The Strategic Research Plan 2020-2023 is available at

  • Alignment with relevant provincial and national priorities – the positioning of the University with respect to the Research Chair in the Alberta / Canada context.”

The Alberta Technology and Innovation Strategy (ATIS)

 A clear plan of how the Faculty/School will assume the Chairholder’s position and budgeted faculty line after the CRC term is required.

The EOI will not exceed three pages.

 Submission Process

  • This call for EOIs will be posted on the Notice Board and an email notification sent to Deans and all of the campus.
  • Electronic submissions must be submitted to the Office of Research and Innovation Services (ORIS) via Sola Fasunwon ( EOI template is attached.
    • EOI 1: Before 4 p.m. on 31 August 2022 for the Chair in any areas of research and
    • EOI 2: Before 4 p.m. on 31 October 2022 for the NSERC Chairs.
    • Acknowledgement of receipt of submissions will be provided.
    • The selection process will include review and recommendations by representatives of the ORIS, Dean(s), GFC Research Planning Committee and a decision by the Vice‐President Research.


Sola Fasunwon | | (403) 329-2101

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