Copyright and Summer 2024 Courses

The University's Copyright website offers a variety of tools, information, and copyright learning resources:

If your students will need online access to particular films for your course, please contact your subject librarian for assistance in determining whether streaming access is currently in place or can be obtained.  In the event that the Library owns the DVD but streaming access is unavailable for educational institutions, subject librarians (or faculty) can ask the University Copyright Advisor to assess whether the film could be made available on YuJa under the Copyright Act’s fair dealing provisions. Investigating streaming availability and converting a DVD to a streaming format are time-consuming, so please submit your online film viewing requests to your subject librarian well in advance of your desired screening date.

It’s important to note that the Copyright Act prohibits the circumvention of any technological protection measures that control access to works such as films on DVDs. This means we cannot use any of the programs that are widely available to rip a video file from a DVD in order to make the film available to a class.

The University Copyright Advisor office is happy to assist you with permissions clearance for your course materials.  If you would like some help, feel free to:

  • e-mail your course readings list or syllabus to, or
  • e-mail individual readings as you assign them throughout the semester to, or
  • provide me with temporary course access to enable a permissions assessment of copyrighted content in your Moodle course.

For each item or reading we will:

  • assess whether permission is needed;
  • determine if needed permission is covered by an applicable license agreement or statutory user’s right;
  • cover the cost of pay-per-use licensing through the Library’s dedicated course materials licensing fund, when possible;
  • on request, format PDF scans of your selected book chapters for posting on Moodle or E-Reserve; and
  • provide a persistent link that you can post in Moodle or distribute to students to ensure they can access items in subscribed Library databases without encountering publishers’ paywalls.

When you ask us for help in assessing copyright/permissions for course materials you wish to distribute in Moodle, we will provide you with a permissions summary for all items assessed.  We can also lend a hand if you wish to explore potential alternatives to expensive textbooks for future courses. 

Let the copyright team know if you wish to book an appointment to discuss your copyright questions or needs. As well, you are welcome to make arrangements with us for a class workshop or presentation if your students will be working on assignments that involve use or reuse of copyrighted material, permission issues, or the ability to find and use lawful sources of copyrighted content.


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