Call for Posters and Presentations — March 31 deadline

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The Prentice Institute is hosting the Canadian Rural Revitalization Conference here on campus, June 20-23. The deadline for submissions to participate in this national conference is March 31.

Living rurally in Canada is historically defined by movement. Young people often leave home to access education and employment opportunities in larger centres, immigrants arrive from other parts of the world, seniors often seek to remain, and young families come and go. The movement of the seasons, wildlife, and weather also impact rural environments, life, and economies. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic spurred a movement of people out of overcrowded cities in search of a better quality of life. In turn, what it means to live well in rural places has shifted as the reality of living rurally has changed. While recognizing, understanding, and (possibly) addressing the limitations to rural wellbeing, we also need to pay attention to the opportunities for living well that are already present in rural and smaller places. People chose to live, work, and play in rural places, while others will visit and some will return.

This conference invites presentations, posters, and panels that address the question(s): What does it mean to live well in rural Canada? What are the key factors, issues and responses that shape and define wellbeing
in rural places?

This conference is focused on wellbeing as an interdisciplinary concept that can include dynamics of environmental, physical, economic, social, emotional, psychological or mental, and/or economic aspects of wellbeing. As the hosting partner with the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation, we are particularly interested in presentations that align with the broad mandate of the Prentice Institute, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Population health and quality of life
  • The role of natural resource development in rural and urban futures
  • Demographic changes related to mobility and immigration
  • The role of youth in sustaining rural communities
  • The changing reality of rural work and employment
  • Food security and environmental sustainability
  • The role of arts, culture and heritage in community life and wellbeing

Send in your submission by March 31!


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