uLethbridge Art Gallery Presents: "Everything We Have Done Is Weather Now"

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Hess Gallery

January 19 – May 18, 2023
Everything We Have Done Is Weather Now

Snacks & Refreshments: Thursday, January 19, 3 – 6 p.m.

Artist: Lisa Hirmer
Curated by Josephine Mills

Lisa Hirmer’s gorgeous photographs of weather data bridge the divide between everyday conversations about weather and the enormity of the climate crisis, thereby helping to open up possibilities for imagining different futures for our planet.

Talking about the weather used to just be a banal topic for conversation, a perennial and innocuous backdrop to everyday life. But with the climate emergency looming ever bigger, this is no longer the case. The weather is now something much more complicated, something at once an everyday experience and a harbinger of a new planet-scaled reality that is hard to comprehend. In this exhibition, Guelph-based artist Lisa Hirmer shifts the focus on weather to the day-to-day with her gorgeous photographs of weather data, such as historical handwritten weather records and snow levels in test tubes that depict declining snowfall in her region. The beauty of the images draws viewers in, piques their curiosity, and opens up a route around the impasse on climate crisis and towards relating to our environment.

Room or Area: 
Hess Gallery (W600)



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