Human & Animal Ethics Requirements and Processes

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Presenters: Danika Dorchak, Haley Dennis (Ethics Coordinators, The University of Lethbridge)

This seminar is part of a series from the Office of Research and Innovation Services themed "Demystifying Faculty Funding: Escaping the Labyrinth".

Securing ethics approval is an important part of research, whether working with animals or humans. Meet with Danika and Haley to learn what the ethics process looks like on campus, and how we can help to make this part of your research journey as easy as possible while still keeping the welfare of research participants at the forefront.

Faculty members and their research teams, including undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs, and research associates will benefit from this event.

Early Career Researchers who attend at least six seminars over the year will be eligible for a seed grant to support their research program. 

*Light refreshments will be provided

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