Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

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Nov. 1 - 5 | 7:30pm | David Spinks Theatre (W425)

Doctor Faustus is just about to embark on his career as a professor - but what will he profess? Law, medicine, logic, and religion all have their charms, but what he really wants to study is black magic! The only catch is that he’ll have to promise his soul to Lucifer in exchange for 24 years of service from Mephistophilis, conjuring demon extraordinaire. What will Faustus do with the power Mephistophilis grants him, and will he repent and save himself before his time runs out? 

Warnings: Flashing lights (strobe effect), fog, haze, and pyrotechnic special effects

Room or Area: 
David Spinks Theatre W425

$18 regular | $13 seniors and alumni | $12 students
University of Lethbridge students receive 1 complimentary ticket for this production with student ID

Tickets online: ulethbridge.ca/tickets


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