The Department of History Colloquium (co-sponsored by the Galt Museum & Archives) presents: War, Dirt and Children: The Experiences of Applied Studies Students

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How I Designed “Harvest”, a Simulation Board Game Program for the Galt Museum & Archives
LaRae Smith

Abstract:  In the spring of 2019 I completed an applied study through the U of L’s History department and the Galt Museum & Archives where I developed the “Harvest” program. Harvest is a simulation board game program designed to foster an environment of experiential learning for grade 5 students on the topic of farming in southern Alberta during the Great Depression. I will be sharing why this project was started, what research methods were utilized to complete it, and what the final product looks like today.

Bridging Histories: Bringing Internment Stories to Life
Benjamin Weistra

Abstract: Over the Spring and Summer of 2019 I took part in two applied studies with the Galt Museum and Archives on behalf of the University of Lethbridge’s Applied Studies program. While undertaking this study, I conducted research on First World War Internment in Canada and education work on how to translate this research into material for educating grade three and four students. While doing these studies, I also began a project to make 3D printed models and augmented reality displays of primary source material from the camps. My talk will be discussing how these ideas came about and how these technologies are being utilized for educational purposes.

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