ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN NOW - Chris Clark Speaks October 27th, 2014 at 6pm

This event is from the archives of The Notice Board. The event has already taken place and the information contained in this post may no longer be relevant or accurate.

Christine Clark is a designer and part-time coder who recently completed the MFA - New Media program at the University of Lethbridge. Her graduate research focused on the design of information visualizations when communicating wicked problems. The project that emerged was a design/science collaboration to visualize the past 60 years of climate data for localized regions across Alberta. The work was presented to the public in an exhibition at the James Foster Penny Building in May 2014. During the graduate program she also worked with several research groups, including Complex Social Change and New Media Intersections, as a designer and new media strategist to disseminate their research through online platforms.

Prior to returning to graduate school, Christine worked as a freelance graphic designer, developing brands, websites, and print material for numerous small businesses and start-ups around Alberta. Her portfolio of work is online at

This talk will focus on my practice in information visualization (infovis), which has largely been shaped by my background in design, a deep rooted connection to the people and landscape in Alberta, and a desire to engage with public interest and activist topics. Infovis is an extremely powerful tool for improving comprehension of complex information and its recent adoption in creative fields has lead to a surge of new applications. Meanwhile, technology fluctuates, access to information is variable, and best practices in infovis, design, and activism often conflict with each other. In my talk I will discuss my experience navigating through these opportunities and challenges and show the body of work that has emerged.

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