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Bachelor of Fine Arts – Dramatic Arts/Bachelor of Education

Develop as an artist and drama specialist in the contemporary classroom. The combined degrees take five years to complete and you graduate with two degrees. Your BFA-Dramatic Arts covers the subject you want to teach, while at the heart of the Education degree (BEd) are three professional semesters, which provide experience through supervised placements in schools.

With hands-on experiences in fundamental elements of performance, design and technical theatre, you develop applied skills in every facet of the discipline. Courses in theatre history and theory provide a well-rounded appreciation of theatre’s past, present, and future. Our program includes the flexibility to pursue additional Drama topics of your specific interest.

The breadth of our program enables you to share your artistic knowledge in various educational contexts and guide the entire process of producing a play from beginning to end.

Facilities & Spaces

  • University Theatre, 450-seat with proscenium arch
  • David Spinks Theatre, flexible black box
  • Rehearsal studios
  • Scene shop for set construction
  • Properties shop for props design and construction
  • Costume shop and costume lab
  • Design Studio


“The Faculty of Fine Arts enabled me to learn both practical and theoretical skills and allowed me to immerse myself on stage, and behind the scenes. These are all skills I know I’ll be sharing with future students, and colleagues. Fine Arts provided me with invaluable tools that I can now share with students!”

- Emily Welch



The Post-Diploma Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dramatic Arts)/Bachelor of Education Combined Degrees program offers students the opportunity to complete a degree in Drama and in Education. Students begin the program in the Faculty of Fine Arts. For the BFA (Dramatic Arts) portion, students with approved 2-year or 3-year diploma complete a minimum of 15 courses, including a minimum of 8 in Drama. The diploma is recognized as a block of transfer and each program is individually tailored based on the content of the diploma. After completion of their first year, students apply to the Faculty of Education where they will complete a minimum of 20 courses toward the BEd portion.

For more information contact Fine Arts Advising.

Education Requirements

Before you can be admitted to the Faculty of Education, you’ll need to meet their requirements.

Education Requirements

Application Info

Find more information on the Faculty of Fine Arts requirements for admissions:

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Program Planning Guides

The program planning guides outline the required courses foryour specific degree and major, and provide a sample sequence of courses to help you plan.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Dramatic Arts/Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Art (Drama) / Bachelor of Education
Post-Diploma Bachelor of Fine Arts - Dramatic Arts/Bachelor of Education


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