Department of Geography

Department of Geography

Impact of ORIS seen everywhere

The Office of Research and Innovation Services is active in promoting the interests of the University of Lethbridge on a number of fronts

Byrne film an environmental landmark

An educational film with algae-filled Lake Winnipeg as its focal point appeals to farmers and city dwellers to change their ways and help the country's watersheds to heal.

Hansen benefits from personal touch

A Wikipedia search led Danish student Stine Hansen to the University of Lethbridge's web door, but it was the personal attention she received thereafter that brought her to campus.

Iunctus a field leader

Iunctus Geomatics boasts a number of University of Lethbridge alumni as part of its workforce, tracing its success directly back to the U of L

Joblonkay unearths his passion at the U of L

During his U of L years, Joblonkay took full advantage of the unique opportunities the University, and its smaller, more personable nature, is able to provide to undergraduate students.


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