Website opens doors to Canadian education

Think about it.

What does it mean to be educated in Canada? If you are Canadian, you may not have even entertained this question. If you are not Canadian and you are here now, undoubtedly you have thought about this a great deal.

The non-Canadians (or new Canadians) among us have weighed the decision to come to this country at great length. Most likely, there were other educational opportunities in their country of origin, the United States, the United Kingdom or possibly Australia. So – why Canada? And the natural extension to that question – why Lethbridge?

Asking our students, you will find the answer to this question is as diverse as the many individuals who come to study here. What is most likely is that the student or parent decided on Canada as a study destination first and then began narrowing their search for a post-secondary education within the country.

Recognizing this fact, the Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) have initiated a branding process for education in Canada.

The brand, "IMAGINE Canada", was created from a consultative process across the nation. The visual result of this exercise has been launched at

The website serves as a first-contact portal for international students who want information about educational opportunities in Canada. The site's first link answers the most obvious question – why study in Canada? Other links allow students to search for specific programs, to calculate the costs of a Canadian education, information on how to acquire a student Visa, where to access scholarships and bursaries, information about the Canadian provinces and a detailed description of the Canadian educational system.

Working with provincial jurisdictions, representatives of DFAIT are currently traveling across the country to present the new brand, brand policy and marketing strategy to post-secondary institutions. Use of the new brand design will be available to qualified institutions later this year.

This initiative has followed the successful branding efforts of other countries such as Australia, where the ensuing promotion of their education system was closely followed by increasing enrollment at their universities.

If you have any questions regarding the Imagine Canada brand, contact Laurel Corbiere, director, International Centre for Students at 403-329-2053 or via e-mail at