University introduces flu registry

As part of the ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of the University of Lethbridge community, the U of L's Medical Crisis Team has developed a self-reporting tool (H1N1 Influenza Illness Registry) for students and employees who are experiencing flu-like symptoms. This is another initiative to assist in minimizing the impact of H1N1 on the U of L campus.

The information gathered by the H1N1 Influenza Illness Registry will be utilized to assist the University in implementing the necessary actions regarding H1N1on campus and to ensure that pro-active measures are in place to minimize the impact on University operations.

The Registry does not replace the terms and conditions of the Faculty Handbook, the APO Manual, the Exempt Support Staff Manual or the AUPE Collective Agreement. Employees will still be required to notify their immediate supervisors that they are ill with flu-like symptoms. The registry is a voluntary tool that the University is asking employees to utilize.

As the medical system will be under heavy usage in this situation, the application of doctor's notes for personal illness and for illness within immediate families for flu-like symptoms, as outlined on the H1N1 website, will not be required. Any questions that people may have regarding the reporting of their personal circumstances can be addressed through their supervisor and Human Resources.

For further updates, continue to monitor the University's H1N1 Influenza website at: