Students share Millenium Fund

The University of Lethbridge Board of Governors recently recognized several students who received new scholarships from the Millennium Scholarship Fund. A total of 15 students shared $73,500 in new and renewed awards. The complete list of scholarship recipients is below.

Alix Blackshaw, BSc, 4th yr (renewal)
Courtney Cann, pre-BA/BEd, 3rd yr (renewal)
Teena Cormack, BA/BEd, 4th yr (renewal)
Gina Deitz BA, 1st yr (new)
Thomas Fox BSc, 3rd yr (new)
Samantha Gilbert, BSc, 2nd yr (new)
Chelsey Gorety, BA/BEd, 3rd yr (new)
Alisha Janiga, BSc/BEd, 3rd yr (new)
Carissa Johnson, pre-BFA (Art)/BEd, 1st yr (new)
Jesse Johnstone, BFA (New Media), 4th yr (renewal)
Randi McDonald, BA, 3rd yr (renewal)
Jerrim Rushka, BFA (New Media), 1st yr (new)
Bethany Schmidt, BA, 3rd yr (new)
Alysha Smith, pre-BMus/BEd, 1st yr (new)
Annette Vandekerkhove, BSc, 1st yr (new)