Student spearheads Project Paintbrush

The opportunity to make a world of difference with a simple can of paint comes in the form of Project Paintbrush, a summer initiative that promises to build community.

University of Lethbridge Faculty of Management Co-op student Derek Prance is coordinating the summer project under the auspices of Volunteer Lethbridge. They are currently looking for volunteer painters to assist with Project Paintbrush.

The project helps boost community pride by having volunteers paint the exterior of homes for individuals who are physically and financially unable to complete the task. Volunteers have the opportunity to round up a painting team of relatives, friends, co-workers, or even join an already assembled team. After that, a smile and a one or two day commitment during July or August is all that is needed.

Each summer, individuals, community groups, and corporate employees volunteer their time to paint homes and fences in our community. Project Paintbrush made its debut in 2006 when a total of six projects were completed. Four more projects in 2007 and another five in 2008 were subsequently completed and Volunteer Lethbridge looks to manage even more this summer.

Those interested in joining this valuable community-building initiative can contact Derek at Volunteer Lethbridge at 403-320-2044 or via e-mail at