Setting the stage for the future

When Terry Whitehead (BA '94) thinks back on his time at the U of L, a myriad of memories emerge - writing for the student campus newspaper, performing as Alonso in Shakespeare's The Tempest, serving as Students' Union president and hosting a show on CKUL - just to name to few.

Terry Whitehead
Alumnus Terry Whitehead wants to see today's students enjoy the same experience he had at the University of Lethbridge.

"My time at the U of L was a very formative period in my life. My education and campus involvements shaped my world view and inspired me to be a life-long student," says Terry. As a way to ensure that both current and future students are given the same opportunities to explore their creativity, Terry supports the Play Right and Short Fiction prizes, and has designated the U of L as a beneficiary of two life insurance policies.

"I'm grateful for the education and life experience I gained as a student. Giving to the U of L has been an easy and affordable way to say thank you. Planned giving is my small way of helping ensure that the U of L will continue well beyond my days."