Nature Conservancy deadline nears

Those interested in helping to protect the environment through a summer internship program have until Friday to apply for various positions with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is a private, non-profit organization working for the direct protection of Canada's biodiversity through the purchase, donation or placing of conservation easements on ecologically significant lands.

A number of positions are available for the summer, including: Summer Conservation Planning Intern; Summer Conservation Intern; Summer Conservation Volunteer Intern and Shell Conservation Internship Program.

Deadline for applications for Nature Conservancy positions is Friday, Jan. 30.

For more information, including full job descriptions, visit the University of Lethbridge's Career & Employment Services online job board through workopolisCampus. Career & Employment Services (CES) at the U of L provides career & employment assistance to students and graduate students for up to two years after graduation, free of charge.