Leadership conference well attended

There are leaders in every corner of the University of Lethbridge campus. From administration to staff and faculty, examples of leadership are prevalent through community involvement initiatives, volunteer experiences and more.

And it does not stop there. University of Lethbridge students have shown time and again their capacity to engage with the community and to lead the way in fundraising and volunteer projects.

With that in mind, the Recruitment and Student Life office, along with the Students' Union, offered an opportunity for students to learn more about how to affect change through leadership.

The inaugural University of Lethbridge Leadership Conference was held Saturday, Apr. 2, giving students the opportunity to attend a series of thought provoking and inspiring sessions, speakers, panels and discussions. The goal of the conference is to provide students with skills, ideas and motivation they can use in all aspects of their lives. Over 200 participants took part.

"Several institutions across the country offer an annual leadership conference for their students," says Lukas Neamtu, the co-ordinator of student life programming. "With support and a commitment from the Students' Union and Housing Services, we made this a reality. The support from around campus was overwhelming. Several individuals and offices jumped on board with session ideas and a willingness to be presenters."

Neamtu says there is an appetite for a conference of this nature, and he sees students wanting to take on leadership roles.

"All around campus we have students getting involved in leadership opportunities in a variety of ways," he says. "Whether it is as a resident assistant, member of the Students' Union, the SU General Assembly, a volunteer organization and so on. This conference, first, provided an opportunity for these students to come together, be inspired and continue developing their leadership skills. Secondly, the conference was a celebration of all of the leaders on this campus and the work they have done."

Two keynote speakers highlighted the day, including a talk by Olympic medalist Adam Kreek and the final address from U of L president Mike Mahon.