Interlibrary loans now by e-mail

The University of Lethbridge Library has made it easier to access an interlibrary loan (ILL), all the while speeding up delivery and reducing paper waste.

As of Mar. 30, the library now delivers interlibrary loans via e-mail. Instead of receiving printed copies of articles or book chapters requested via the interlibrary loan service, these requests can now be sent directly to e-mail. Book/video requests will continue to be handled as before.

Interlibrary loans include the acquisition of materials required for study and research that are not available at the University of Lethbridge Library. Available to faculty, students, and staff of the University who have a current, valid campus card, requests for interlibrary loans may be submitted electronically by following this ILL request link.

The funding for interlibrary loans is intended solely to support university-related research. Therefore, these materials must be relevant to a subject discipline or must be used for a University-sanctioned project.

Almost any type of material can be obtained on ILL if a lending library will loan it or if a photocopy can be made without infringing on copyright laws or licensing agreements. Books, conference proceedings, government documents, newspapers on microfilm, theses and videos may be obtained on loan. Journal articles and chapters of books are supplied as photocopies.

There are limits on how many ILL requests can be made in a year, as well as limits per week during busy periods. For more information on the ILL process, visit the following link: