Grigg named 2012 BOG Teaching Chair

An outstanding teacher and scholar, Lance Grigg has consistently demonstrated clear thinking and enthusiasm for the ongoing improvement of teaching and learning at the University of Lethbridge.

For his continued dedication to the scholarship and practice of teaching, the University of Lethbridge is proud to appoint Grigg as a Board of Governors Teaching Chair.

A professor in the Faculty of Education, Grigg's primary areas of instruction are critical inquiry in social studies education and philosophy of education.

His teaching and research interests include: critical thinking across the curriculum, the philosophy of insight, chess in the classroom and religious education.

Grigg consistently strives to provide his students with the best teaching and learning opportunities. Students often comment on Lance Grigg's clear instruction, helpful feedback, and ability to create a positive teaching and learning environment.

One former student praised his use of discussion and inquiry to create a classroom that is both student and content centred.

Grigg has been an active member of the Centre for the Advancement of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CAETL) since its inception. Presently a CAETL board member, he is a sought-after speaker for the Talking About Teaching events.

In CAETL activities, Grigg is an active contributor, providing knowledge and insight. His work with CAETL has included the Teaching Fellows, Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Program,Teaching Development Fund, and Talking About Teaching workshops.

His ongoing commitment to CAETL and its goals position him well for a leadership role in the Centre.

Grigg shows a consistent dedication to, and understanding of, inspirational teaching throughout the University community. He understands teaching in a variety of contexts and disciplines, and is dedicated to improving teaching practice.

He researches and practices critical thinking pedagogy, which promotes critical thinking skills and attitudes as a key aspect of student post-secondary learning.

He leads and supports colleagues in exploring beliefs and values related to teaching, and in using the pedagogy of critical thinking in teaching. Grigg embeds hisunderstanding of teaching and learning issues in a wide philosophical framework, which allows him to pursue many different perspectives.

As a Teaching Chair, Grigg plans toimplement a project on nurturing a professional thinking community. Involving professors, graduate students, and teaching assistants, this project will focus on the teaching of entry-level courses at the University of Lethbridge.

Though this work will emphasize first-year students' learning and thinking experiences, it will also provide insight into the success of students in subsequent years, having important implications for the recruitment and retention of future and current students.