Distinctive Fiat Lux Ring introduced

The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association has launched the Fiat Lux Ring, helping alumni to show their pride in the U of L in a distinctive fashion.

The ring was officially unveiled on Thursday, Jan. 26 at a noon-hour BBQ and launch of the U of L's 45th anniversary activities.

The design, chosen after a competition, is by current Faculty of Fine Arts (new media) student Eric Klempnauer and is both simple and distinctive – cast in sterling silver, the band features the U of L's traditional fiery sun emblem between the University's motto, Fiat Lux (Let there be light). All the rings are numbered and alumni can request specific numbering for their own ring. Klempnauer will receive the first ring upon graduation.

Fiat Lux Ring
The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association's new Fiat Lux Ring.

Kathy Lewis, the current president of the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association, says that the ring concept is one that all graduates can embrace, and that its distinctive design will be a conversation starter.

"Our graduates are everywhere, and making a real difference around the world," says Lewis. "We were looking for a way for them to identify each other no matter where they were, and we also wanted a design that would show off our differences. I believe Eric accomplished that, and it is also especially meaningful that a current student – and future member of our alumni community – designed the ring for us."

The design is suitable for men and women, with additional engraving available on the inside of the band.

The Fiat Lux Ring is priced at $249 + tax. If required, a $10 shipping fee will apply.

Orders can be placed online by clicking here, or by contacting the U of L Alumni Office at 403-317-2825.