Details for Destination Project emerge

The vision for the University of Lethbridge's future science complex is beginning to come to life.

Now dubbed the Destination Project, further details of the new science facility along with renovations to University Hall and subsequent campus infrastructure expansion, have been outlined in a new Key Parameters document available at

The document outlines the programs and services that will be housed in the new building including education, research, administrative and technical support. It also sketches an estimate of the project's size and capital budget.

"This document serves several important purposes," said Chris Eagan, executive director of Facilities. "Not only will it clarify the direction of the Destination Project, but it will also ensure that stakeholders and community members gain an understanding the project before we move into feasibility and pre-design work."

The proposed state-of-the-art science building will utilize the most recent technology enhancing teaching, learning and researching opportunities for future faculty and students.

In addition, the project will provide opportunities to support a more diverse range of research activities in a more team oriented and collaborative setting.

The Destination Project will also augment the University's recruitment and retention activities.

Total preliminary construction cost is estimated at just over $262 million.

A Key Parameters document outlining the objectives of the University Hall renewal will be developed at a later stage.