Are you ready for your flu shot?

Every fall, Canadians are confronted with two dilemmas – what to do with all the falling leaves and whether or not they should get the seasonal flu shot.

With the H1N1 pandemic of 2009 still fresh in our minds and the sound of coughing already echoing in U of L hallways, influenza vaccine will again be made available on campus for interested students, staff and faculty.

Unlike previous years, the Alberta government has provincially funded all vaccine this year, so there is no cost to anyone interested in getting the vaccine.

Flu clinics will start around campus after the Thanksgiving weekend. We are currently waiting for the vaccine to become available and will announce the first on-campus vaccine clinics through the Notice Board, U-Weekly, UNews and campus digital signage.

The on-campus clinics will be held for those aged 17 to 70, except for pregnant and breastfeeding women, who must go to the public health unit for their vaccine.

This particular vaccine protects against three strains of flu virus including an H1N1-like flu strain. More information on the vaccines will be forthcoming.

It may be the right time to begin the discussion with your family about the need for a flu shot.

Lori Weber is a registered nurse and manager of the University Health Centre