Amazing alumni adventures come to an end

Lethbridge’s own Julie (Greidanus) Taylor (BA ’05) and Lowell Taylor (BFA ’04) have stepped foot on the final pit stop mat for the last time. The husband and wife team and parents of two were the fifth team eliminated from CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada last week.

Speaking to the challenges that contributed to their last place finish and ultimate elimination, Julie laughed lightly when she described how helpful hindsight could have been in the moment.

“If we had stayed at the soccer field and kept trying, we probably would have gotten it. We were a little scared by the time limit but in the end, the sailboats ended up being kind of time consuming, too,” said Julie.

The dynamic duo raced around the globe as they found their way through the bustling cities of Vietnam, the frozen tundra of the Northwest Territories and on the remote islands off the B.C. West Coast. For Lowell, there were a few standout moments that he says he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

“Bungee jumping off the sky tram and repelling off the Calgary Tower were epic, but my absolute favourite challenge was the tug boat! I really rocked that boat!” laughed Lowell.

The couple say that, while they went into the reality show knowing they would have some strong support from their community, they were continually humbled by how many people were reaching out and cheering them along each week.

“We just really want to say thank you to Lethbridge and to the U of L for everything. We’ve been supported so strongly and felt really loved and cared about which helped so much in those harder moments on the show,” says Lowell.

Although their time on The Amazing Race Canada has come to an end, the adventures are far from over for the Taylors. Lowell is turning up the training dial on his journey to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic games to compete in cycling. You can keep up to date on Lowell's journey for Paralympic glory and support him by checking out his website.