Alumnus Khan continues to crusade against bullying and violence

Edmonton-based activist and University of Lethbridge alumnus Manwar Khan (BSc ’07), a father of twins, is holding a rally in Calgary at the Calgary City Hall as he continues to campaign across the province against bullying and violence.

“We will be gathering in front of City Hall to show our support for every known and unknown victim of bullying and violence in Alberta,” says Khan, who witnessed a violent attack on an Edmonton LRT train in December 2012. It led to the death of one man and the incarceration of another.

Khan invites everyone to gather at City Hall at 11:30 a.m. to rally in support of those who have been affected by violence and bullying. He is also asking people who are not able to attend the rally to leave their porch lights on from 6 to 7 p.m. on August 15, 2015 to show their support for the stand against violence and bullying.

Khan established a series of anti-bullying rallies in 2013 and 2014, holding events in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and Airdrie. He has vowed to continue to represent victims of bullying and to try and stem the onset of violence so that it does not persist in society.

“I believe firmly that it is a matter of great importance to teach our children that bullying is simply not acceptable in our society if we are to achieve safety and happiness for all,” he says. “To stop bullying and violence in our community we must stand together and support each other. Each and every one of us can make a difference and show that bullying and violence will not be tolerated in Alberta.”

Speakers at the Do Not Be a Bystander rally include teachers, students and community leaders.

Keynote speakers at the 2015 Do Not Be a Bystander Anti-Bullying Rally

Irfan Sabir – Minister for Alberta Human Servcies
Cam Stewart – Federal Liberal Candidate – Calgary Forest Lawn 
Dr. Brendan Miles – Liberal Party of Canada candidate – Calgary Heritage
Janet Keeping – Green Party of Alberta
Bob Hawkesworth – Former MLA and alderman
Jonathan Denis – Former Attorney General
Robyn Luff – NDP MLA – Calgary East
Michael Connolly – NDP MLA – Calgary Hawkwood
Brian Malkinson – NDP MLA – Calgary Currie
Brandy Payne – NDP MLA – Calgary Acadia
Anam Kazim – NDP MLA – Calgary Glenmore
Graham Sucha – NDP MLA – Calgary Shaw
Allison Wemyss – Community Leader
Kent Hehr – Liberal Party of Canada – Calgary Center
Judson Hansell – Federal Green Party candidate – Calgary Forest Lawn
Ali Bin Zahid – Liberal Party of Canada candidate – Calgary Foothills
Ala Buzreba – Liberal Party of Canada candidate – Calgary Nosehill
Arti Modgill – University of Calgary
Jerome James – Liberal Party of Canada candidate – Calgary Shepard
Julie Hrdlicka – CBE Trustee Wards 11 & 13
Levi Nilson – Student Union President, University of Calgary
Austin Leitch – B.Com Student Leader – MacEwan University
Dane Robert – University of Lethbridge
Christine Cusanelli – Former MLA
Terry Lo – Community activist
Myra D’Souza – Passionate candidate for the NDP nomination – Calgary Forest Lawn