Alumni Honour Society inductees making valuable contributions to society

They guide policy at the government level, protect and promote the rights of a diverse population, lay the groundwork for the fight against cancer and inspire future generations through guidance and education.

University of Lethbridge alumni make valuable and wide-ranging contributions to society locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. The University of Lethbridge Alumni Association is pleased to recognize those who have made significant impressions by inducting six new members into the Alumni Honour Society.

“This is a very distinguished group representing the breadth of study we have here at the U of L,” says Matthew McHugh, Chair of the ULAA Recognition Committee. “The liberal arts focus of the University really shines through when you see how many facets of society our alumni influence and how they have taken what they have learned through their studies and applied those lessons in such meaningful ways.”

Introduced in honour of the University’s 35th Anniversary in 2002, the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association established the Alumni Honour Society to recognize the achievements of a select group of alumni each year. The individuals honoured serve as role models through success in their vocation, outstanding community service or superior accomplishment in their avocation.

Like those before them, the 2019 inductees are outstanding examples of U of L alumni. Each of the individuals used the knowledge they gained at the University to achieve their personal and professional goals, and through these achievements has left a lasting impact on the people, organizations and communities with which they are involved.

The group will be inducted into the Alumni Honour Society and celebrated at Let There Be Light Night, on Friday, October 18, 2019.

2019 Alumni Honour Society inductees

Justin Ferbey (BASc ’95)

As the Deputy Minister of Economic Development for the Yukon Government, Justin Ferbey brings a vision and drive that makes a lasting impact on the lives of others. His leadership on the Single Track to Success initiative, which aimed to build biking trails while simultaneously returning First Nations youth to the land, elevated the local economy by transforming Carcross, Yukon into a destination spot for avid mountain bikers. Justin also led the ratification process for the Carcross/Tagish First Nation community, ending 32 years of negotiations when a modern treaty and a self-governing agreement was reached.

Kerry Gellrich (BA ’06)

Kerry Gellrich is an exceptional lawyer and partner at North and Company Law Offices LLP, overseeing the firm’s litigation department. She frequently uses her quick wit, work ethic and empathy to provide counsel to various clients and has appeared at all levels of the Courts in the Province of Alberta. A passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Kerry served as a board member for the Justica Project, an initiative aimed at breaking barriers and promoting diversity in the private practice of law. Through her commitment to this cause, others are inspired and enabled to pursue rich careers in law.

Roy Golsteyn (BASc (BSc) ’84)

Dr. Roy Golsteyn’s impressive career in molecular biology, natural products and cancer research has generated a lasting impact on the biological sciences worldwide. Golsteyn’s latest work is focused on testing prairie plants for anti-cancer medicines. During his time at the University of Lethbridge, he has mentored close to 3,000 students, served on various boards and fulfilled multiple volunteer roles. For the last seven years, he has acted as a judge for both regional and Canada-wide science fairs and he frequently visits local high schools to present on the impact of biology as a career choice. Combining a love for science and a passion for inspiring the next generation of biologists, Roy embodies the spirit of leadership.

Russel Orcutt (BSc ’94)

Russel Orcutt is a standout example of how far a strong work ethic and a sense of curiosity can take you. As the Chief Executive Officer of Summit, a company focused on providing organizations and markets with environmental services spanning initial project planning and management to asset retirement, remediation and reclamation, Russel has positioned himself as a leader in the environmental sustainability sector. By pushing boundaries and leading a competent and diverse team, he has grown an exceptional company with a distinct impact. Through consultations with Russel and his team, sectors such as the oil and gas industry are able to plan for the future and incorporate environmental sustainability into their work. The demands of working towards the future health of the planet are complex, but for Russel they are well worth the time and strategic vision to strive towards a more sustainable future.

Jason Schilling (BFA/BEd ’94)

Jason Schilling’s career as a southern Alberta educator is rooted in his commitment to achieving a greater good for students, teachers and communities alike. In his current roles as a teacher at Kate Andrews High School and President of the Alberta Teachers’ Association, he advocates for the value of public education by providing numerous opportunities for people to extend their skillsets. For Schilling, mentorship is a crucial part of his mandate, and he consistently provides professional development opportunities for teachers within his own school as well as others throughout the district. Students are genuinely excited to learn from him, and the example that he sets encourages students to be active in their studies as well as their communities.

Mathew (BA ’97, MA ’00) and Penny Stone (BA/BEd ‘97)

In their respective careers, Mathew and Penny Stone have worked tirelessly to share their talents, expertise and skills to build a better future. As a well-respected educator, Penny instills a sense of civic duty and care in her students. Mathew’s role as a business leader provides him the opportunity to mentor young minds and curate community involvement on a broad scale. Their impact together is perhaps most strongly felt on the U of L campus. Upon learning that many students felt in the dark about career paths for those with humanities degrees, Mathew and Penny, in conjunction with the Department of History, implemented extensive programming highlighting non-conventional opportunities available to students following graduation. The Stones have mentored dozens of students and young professionals, volunteered hundreds of hours and are active donors. From providing feedback on interview skills to helping build strong resumes, their impact on young students has undoubtedly helped build a widespread understanding of the value of a liberal arts education.