ULSU Health and Dental Opt Out/Add On

All full-time students (3 or more classes)  are automatically registered in the ULSU Health & Dental benefits.


Students with existing insurance coverage may opt out of the ULSU benefits. To opt out you must complete the online opt-out form found on your BRIDGE account prior to the September 24th deadline. You must provide proof of alternate insurance benefits when opting out. Opt-out is an annual process and you must complete the form every year. 

Part time students and students with family may add onto the benefits. To add on please contact Shelley at su.health@uleth.ca.   

For information about the ULSU benefits or to obtain a benefit card check out studentvip.ca/ulsu, the Students' Union website at ulsu.ca or stop by the SU office, SU180. 

Any questions about opting out, adding on, or the benefits please contact Shelley at su.health@uleth.ca.


Shelley Tuff | s.tuff@uleth.ca | 403-329-2039