Returning Equipment to Campus

 As we are now preparing to return to campus, it is important the University has an up-to-date inventory of what equipment is still off campus and what equipment has been returned to campus. This link will allow you to log in to complete a short survey, to identify items that are now located on campus that were previously taken off campus.  

Below is an FAQ regarding this initiative: 

Why is it important to collect this information now?

-         As stewards for public funds, the University needs to be in possession and aware of the location for all equipment.  This list will then be cross referenced with the off-campus listing completed in April 2020 to help us determine the completeness of assets/equipment being returned to campus.  

-        The location information is also reported to the University’s insurance provider.

-        In case of lost or damaged items or insurance claims, this documentation could help us with accessing funding through insurance or other resources.

What kinds of items are being tracked?

-        Anything that was originally purchased using University funds, including research funds.

-        Examples include computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, chairs, office equipment, scientific equipment, etc.

Who should complete the survey?

-        All faculty and staff should complete the survey who have taken University assets/equipment off campus and are now returning these assets to campus. 

We thank you for your assistance with this, at a time when everyone is especially busy.   

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Craig Churchward (



Afton Aldridge | | (403) 329-2184