Winter School on Remote Sensing of Exoplanets

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A two day long winter school on Remote Sensing of Exoplanets will be held at our University on December 4th and 5th, aimed primarily at graduate students involved in hysperspectral remote sensing activities, physics and astronomy, geography.

The winter school will provide an overview of the knowledge acquired during the past 20 years in the domain of exploration of exoplanets. It will review the different detection methods, their limitations, and the information provided on the orbital system and the planet itself, and how this information is helping our understanding of planet formation.

The programme of the winter school will consist of two days of lectures by research experts, providing an overview of the key scientific questions addressed by these areas and their mutual synergies. The lecturers will be present in person or will be available via WebEx videoconference.

The winter school is free to the academic community and general public. This event is sponsored by the NSERC CREATE AMETHYST training program, University of Lethbridge and Tecterra.

 Featured Lectures

Thursday, December 4th

The search for habitable Planets

Georg Mellau, Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany and MIT, USA

Spectroscopy for Cool Astronomical Objects

Peter Bernath, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

An introduction to exoplanetary detection

Ingo Waldmann, University College London, London, UK

Calculating molecular opacities for exoplanetary atmospheres from first principles

Sergey Yurchenko, University College London, London, UK

Direct Imaging of Extrasolar Planets: Bulk Properties via Disk-Averaged Multi-Spectral Images

Katie Morzinski, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, USA

Friday, December 5th

ExoMol: New molecular line lists for exoplanets and other hot atmosphere

Sergey Yurchenko, University College London,London, UK

An Introduction to Atmospheric Retrieval: Applications to Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs

Michael Line, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Data analysis of exoplanetary atmospheres: Working at the limits of instrument sensitivity

Ingo Waldmann, University College London, London, UK

Emission spectra of hot small molecules

Georg Mellau,  Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany and MIT, USA

The Far-Infrared Astrophysical roadmap: key science and technology development for the next generation of space-based far-infrared astrophysics experiments

Locke Spencer, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Canada

Local Organizers:

Adriana Predoi-Cross     David Rolfson     Catherine Drenth     Robab Hashemi

Koorosh Esteki     Piklu Suradhar     Shiblu Mashwood     Nazrul Islam        



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The event is free.


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