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The Community Bridge Lab 
invites you to

Photovoice Workshop
with Dr. Leigh-Anne Ingram

What is Photovoice? This interactive workshop is a brief introduction to photovoice as a qualitative research methodology and community-based pedagogical approach. Originally used in the health field by Caroline Wang and Mary Ann Burris (1997), this adaptable methodology draws also on the work of Paolo Freire and has been used in a variety of disciplines and spaces, including health, education, international development, and program evaluation. It invites participants to take photos and write reflections to not only share their perspectives on a topic, but also promote individual agency and voice, as well as collective action to address the research problem. In this workshop, you will be invited to participate in a mini photovoice process where you will take, share, and analyze photos to get a taste of the methodology.

Dr. Leigh-Anne Ingram is an educator, researcher and author with more than twenty years of experience in education. With a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Toronto and a Master’s Degree from Harvard University, Leigh-Anne is Adjunct Professor of Education at Lakehead University and teaches courses in critical literacies, social justice education, and education in a global context at both OISE and University of Toronto Mississauga. Her research interests focus on inclusive, feminist, and equitable education within a global context. Leigh-Anne is currently co-investigator on a SSHRC-funded Insight Grant exploring students’ perspectives on global citizenship education in Canada and Ethiopia.

Photovoice Workshop

Thursday 23 November 2023

10:00am-12:00pm Mountain Time


Room or Area: 


Jenny Oseen | | (403) 329-2551