Call for Submissions - Earth Day Zine Publication

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We are tired of hearing about climate change. Its threat has been looming over us for so long, and we’ve learned every narrative: we know about the polar bears, the scientists, the corporations, the protests, the pessimists saying the tipping point has already passed. The stories we hear are great at sparking terror, guilt, rage, desperation and, ultimately, apathy.

It gets old, doesn’t it? What about solidarity? What about understanding? What about balancing the urgency of the need to act with the belief that taking action is possible and meaningful?

This is not a place for telling the usual climate story. This is the place for your climate story—our climate story.


The Southern Alberta Art Gallery and Climate Justice Working Group are seeking submissions of writing, art, and other content for an Earth Day zine. Submission deadline is March 1. Contributors will receive a $100.00 honorarium courtesy of the Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group.

Access the submission form and key information here:

Read the detailed call for submissions here:

For further questions, please contact Meghan via email at with the subject line "Earth Day Zine"




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