2022 Long Service Celebration

This event is from the archives of The Notice Board. The event has already taken place and the information contained in this post may no longer be relevant or accurate.

The University of Lethbridge recognizes that our people are our greatest asset and are critical to overall University success. Your effort, dedication, insights and opinions are all extremely valuable to the successful undertakings of our organization. The University appreciates your continued dedicated efforts, and to that end, ULethbridge holds an annual Long Service celebration. All employees are welcome to attend the ceremony.

The University is holding the 2022 Long Service celebration on Wednesday, October 5, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Science Commons Atrium. We are honouring 135 employees who have completed 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service. As well, we will be honouring the recipients of the President's Awards for Service Excellence.

This will be a come-and-go event, with a short formal program from 10:30 to 11 a.m. We hope you are able to attend this celebration.

Long Service Recipients:

45 Years

Rene Barendregt, Barb Hodgson


35 Years

Candace Dueck, John Eng, Craig Loewen, Fiona Randle, Kelly Vaselenak, Peter Visentin,

Shelly Wismath


30 Years

Robin Bright, Naomi Cramer, Rod Gelleny, Michael Kern, Jeanette Leusink, Hillary Rodrigues, Zoia Schacher, Jeffrey Vucurevich


25 Years

Dwayne Armstrong, Kerry Bernes, James Clark, Jeff Davidson, Larry Flanagan, Goldie Morgentaler, Dan O'Donnell, Kent Peacock, Brent Selinger, Paul Viminitz


20 Years

Christine Anderson, Roberto Bello, Kris Caldwell, Michael Campbell, Craig Coburn, Melanie Collado, Sharon French, Daya Gaur, Michael Gerken, Trevor Harrison, Jean Harrowing, Hester Jiskoot, John Kometz, Lori Kopp, Hua Li, James Linville, Douglas MacArthur, Mandy Moser, Jan Newberry, Tammy Paskuski, Jill Payant, Richard Perlow, Penny Pickles, Scott Powell, Jackie Rice, Wilf Roesler, Edward Sandzewicz, Darren Schell, Arlan Schultz, Daniela Sirbu, Bernie Wirzba, Cindy Yee, Mark Zieber


15 Years

Carly Adams, Louise Barrett, Margaret Beintema, Glenda Bonifacio, Rhonda Crow, Robbin Derry, Trevor Flexhaug, Jay Gamble, Stacey Gaudette – Sharp, Roy Golsteyn, Peter Henzi, Habiba Kadiri, Gladys Karanja, Erin Kennett, Atif Khalil, Michael Lanyi, Joshua Lindemann, Michael Madore, James Marshalsay, Glenda Martens, Ryan McDonald, Kevin McFadzen, Bill McKay, Abigail McMeekin, Kelly Muskovich, Mary Nugent, Stepheny Olan, Jason Peters, Omar Rodriguez, Tony Russell, Mark Slomp, Jason Solowoniuk, Nanda Stannard, Matthew Tata, Aaron Taylor, Mark Tipper, Fred Trinh, Amy von Heyking, Judy Westcott, Richard Westlund, Scott Whiteside


10 Years

Md Kamar Ali, Jana Archibald, Lance Chong, Erin Cooke, Josh Davies, Ed de Bruin, Rebekah Eckert, Gideon Fujiwara, Dale Fyfe, Randy Gettman, Robbin Gibb, George Gonzalez, Tammy Gow, Judy Headrick, Sarah Hilliard, Moira Holley, Lee Illes, Peter Kellett, Dan Koehler, Danielle Lenaour, Bob Marthiensen, Vivian Matson, Jennifer McArthur, Jeff Meadows, Kelly Morris, Carla Navratil, Adriana Ota, Liz Piquette, Kari Sackney, Chris Spitzer, D. Andrew Stewart, Tara Vande Griend, Crystal Volk, Trevor Wirch, Bernadine Wojtowicz

Room or Area: 
Science Commons Atrium


Susan Roth | wellness@uleth.ca | 403-382-7187