Comprehensive Examination Notification

Doctoral students must successfully complete the Comprehensive Examination within the first two (2) years of the program. Students may take the examination up to a maximum of two (2) times. If the examination is failed on the second attempt, the student must withdraw from the program.

At least four (4) weeks before the scheduled date of the comprehensive examination, the supervisor submits the Comprehensive Examination Notification form to recommend the membership of the Comprehensive Examination Committee to the relevant Graduate Program Committee. Where possible, the Chair will be from the same program area and a common Chair; however, this may not be possible for all departments. In cases where there is a potential, or perceived, conflict of interest or the Chair is the student’s supervisor, an alternate Chair must be recommended by the Department and approved by the Doctoral Program Committee. The Chair of the Comprehensive Examination is a representative of the School of Graduate Studies and is required to be familiar with the policies and procedures related to the examination.

For detailed information, review the:

The supervisor may return the completed form either to the SGS office (B610) or email it to