Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

All The Right Moves

Would the world be a better place if more people played chess? The philosopher in Dr. Lance Grigg loves that question, but the educator in him loves it even more.

The Dance of Change

Lisa Doolittle once lived the life of a professional artist, drawing on the passion for her craft as a dancer and choreographer to create a shared experience with her audience. That passion still burns inside Doolittle, only now the outlet is academia.

All the right moves

Discovering effective teaching practices that nurture critical thinking among students is a focus of Dr. Lance Grigg's research

Team support goes a long way

Dr. Lorraine Beaudin recognizes that not every student has the opportunities she was afforded while going through school

Rowing for research

Faculty of Education's Dr. Rick Mrazek finds a research hook to Adam Kreek's epic rowing excursion across the Atlantic Ocean


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