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The following items are available from the Historical Research Centre:

Peter Fidler's Journal - Journal of a Journey over Land from Buckingham House to the Rocky Mountains in 1792-93 -- edited by Bruce Haig

$34.95 + postage (tax included)

hard cover -- 9 x11 in. -- 100 pages

The first written description of Southern Alberta by one of the West's greatest surveyors and mapmakers.

ISBN 0-921624-04-2

Excerpt from Fidler's Journal

Peter Fidler - The Forgotten Geographer

In the Foosteps of Thomas Blakiston - 1858

by Bruce Haig -- $6.45 + postage (tax included)
9 x7 1/2 in. -- 56 pages

A retracing of the route followed by the first explorer through Canada's southern Rockies. In later years, Blakiston became a renowned naturalist in Japan.

Excerpt now available on our website

Blakiston's description of Waterton Lakes

Charles Waterton Poster (not as illustrated)

17 x 22 ins (3 only) -- $49.95 + postage (tax included)

This full color limited edition poster was developed for the 1988 opening of a new display at Wakefield Museum in England. Entitled Charles Waterton of Walton Hall -Traveller and Naturalist 1782-1865 it features specimens collected and preserved by this famous explorer and taxidermist of the 19 th century.

The Travels of George Mercer Dawson

British North America Boundary Commission - 1873

Edited by W.J. Ross -- $74.85 + postage (tax included)

(2nd printing - only 25 copies printed)

hard cover -- 9 x11 in. -- 116 pages

Dawson's 1873 journal of explorations with the British North America Boundary Commission. He probably contributed more than any other person to the biology, geology and ethnology of the North West

ISBN 0-921624-21-2

The Travels of George Mercer Dawson

Yukon Expedition --1887

hard cover -- 9 x11 in. -- 100 pages

(only 50 copies printed)

Edited by W.J. Ross -- $34.95 + postage (tax included)

The private diary George Dawson kept while surveying the Alaska boundary and investigating gold discoveries.

ISBN 0-921624-22-0

Return to: George Mercer Dawson 's 1874 journal

Following Historic Trails: James Hector - Explorer

-- by Bruce Haig - $8.45 + postage (tax included)

9 x 9 ins. - 51 pages

Follow the first explorer to document a passage through Banff, Kootenay and Yoho Parks. View the landscape through Hector's eyes as he names many of the Parks' landmarks in 1858.

Following Historic Trails: Paul Kane - Artist

-- by Bruce Haig - Sold Out

9 x 9 ins. - 96 pages

This book documents, using excerpts from his journal, sketches and paintings, the highlights of Paul Kane's 1846-48 expedition from Fort Carlton, near Saskatoon to Fort Edmonton, through the Rockies and back. Kane's paintings and photographs of areas today, make history come alive.

A History of the Crow's Nest Pass -- by W. James Cousins

Sold out

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 ins. - 143 pages
Compiled by an outstanding educator who was there.

ISBN 0-9691010-0-7

The Gladstone Diary

Sold Out

-- William Gladstone -- $19.95 + postage (tax included)

coil -- 9 x11 -- 76 pages

Born in 1832 in Montreal "Old Glad" recorded his Travels in the Early West in the Pincher Creek newspaper in 1903. For many years a boatbuilder at Fort Edmonton and Rocky Mountain House, he went on to build Fort Whoop-up and Fort Macleod

Riel Rebellion Centennial River Expedition

Edited by Bruce Haig -- $19.95 + postage (tax included)

coil -- 9 x11 -- 100 pages

In 1985 a group of adventurers relived history by following the route of the sternwheeler Northcote from Medicine Hat to the site of the Battle of Batoche where they arrived 100 years after the only naval battle ever fought on the Canadian Prairies.

Riel Rebellion Centennial Souvenir Letter


Engraved envelopes were carried by boat down the South Saskatchewan River in 1985 as part of the Riel Centennial Expedition to Batoche. They feature a special postage stamp honouring Gabriel Dumont and post office cancellation stamps from Medicine Hat, Elbow, Saskatoon and Batoche -- locations along the route.

Ten Years of Trek

-- Bruce Haig -- $9.95 + postage (tax included)

8 1/2 x 11 ins. -- 122 pages

A visual summary of activities of the award winning heritage exploration program of junior high students in the 1970s. Dr. James MacGregor, author and chairman of the Alberta-RCMP Celebration Committee described it as One of the most remarkable projects ever to come to the attention of the committee.

Return to: Students Filming the 1874 NWMP Trek West

Return to: LCI - Hamilton Quiz

Where would I find...

Sold Out

9 x 11 ins. -- 90 pages

The Explorer's Guide to Historic Places - This was the first volume of what was to be an on-going series on sites related to Western Canadian history and how they tie together. Only 4 copies remain of this volume and with the coming of the internet and new priorities additional volumes have been put on hold.

ISBN 0-921624-06-9

1874 Trek

Edited by Donna Coulter & Bruce Haig (3 copies left)- $9.95 + postage (tax included)

6 x 9 -- 51 pages

Information on the original Mounties who made the Great March West of 1874
Compiled by Trek Students of Hamilton Jr. High in Lethbridge, AB
during the RCMP Centennial Celebrations in 1973.

Routes Book 1

by Zola Brueau & Carol Low

$9.95 + postage (tax included)
8 1/2 x 11 ins. -- 74 pages

Highway History from the Saskatchewan border to Lethbridge Alberta along Highway 1 & 2

ISBN 0-9691010-7-4

Routes Book 2

by Zola Brueau & Carol Low

$9.95 + postage (tax included)
8 1/2 x 11 ins. -- 96 pages

Highway History from Lethbridge Alberta to Cranbrook BC along Highway 3

ISBN 0-9691010-8-2

Routes Book 3

by Zola Brueau

$9.95 + postage (tax included)
8 1/2 x 11 ins. -- 74 pages

Highway History from the U.S. border to Calgary, AB along Highway 2

ISBN 0-9691010-9-0

When the West Was Young - by J. D. Higinbotham

$19.95 + postage (tax included)

5 1/2 x 8 ins. -- 328 pages

A reprint of a Western Canadian classic originally published in 1933. A member of the University of Alberta Senate, J.D. as he was affectionately called, was the first president of the Alberta Pharmaceutical Society and held certificate #1 in that organization. It is a folksy look at the early west as he knew it.

Check out our web pages on J.D. Higinbotham - Alberta's First Pharmacist

Foothill & Prairie Memories - by J. D. Higinbotham

$3.75 + postage (tax included)
5 1/2 x 8 3/4 ins. -- 37 pages

A booklet of poems by J. D. Higinbotham

The Lethbridge 100th Anniversary Plan Book

Bruce Haig & Janice Tilley and Students of Hamilton Junior High

$9.95 + postage (tax included)

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 ins. -- 162 pages

Hundreds of Southern Alberta trivia questions -- one for each day of the year, along with space to write your own upcoming plans for each date. Includes many rare photographs of Southern Alberta.

ISBN 0-9691010-4-X

The Climate of Southern Alberta -- J. McCaig

$1.95 + postage (tax included)

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 ins. - 14 pages
A 1901 reprint extolling Southern Alberta as the Colorado of Canada.

Early Sketches of Southern Alberta

Edited by Bruce Haig -- $29.95 + postage (tax included)

8 1/2 x 11 ins. Hard Cover -- 85 pages

Before the age of photography, the illustrator left us a visual record. Many of these sketches have never been published before.

ISBN 0-921624-05-0

Who's Who in Southern Alberta

1988 - 89 - $29.95 (original price - $49.95 )

hard cover -- 6 x 9 in. - 872 pages
ISBN 0-921624-02-6

1990 - $9.95 (original price - $29.95 )

hard cover -- 9 x11 in. -- 107 pages
ISBN 0-921624-05-0

Mini biographies of people contributing in a variety of ways to life in Southern Alberta

Southern Alberta Business -- Into the 90s

$29.95 + postage (tax included)

hard cover -- 9 x11 in. -- 87 pages

Mini histories of hundreds of businesses

Walk a Block & Wonder

Sold Out

$29.95 + postage (tax included)

Henderson directories from 1909 to 1988 were used to to look at who lived in each house along a city street. Interdispersed with times, events amd mini-biographies of some of the residents its an interesting concept that can be adapted to any street anywhere. Every street has a history.

Who Died When

Compiled by Bruce Haig & Associates

coil -- $53.45 + postage (tax included)

Research using Lethbridge newspapers reveals the names and death dates of Southern Albertans who died between 1885 and 1959.

These are listed alphabetically and by date.

Most of the above books are available ONLY directly from us.

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