The 1874 Journal of George Mercer Dawson

Update June 2003: All the pages of Dawson's 1874 Journal have now been transcribed.

Thank you to all those who participated.


While researching George Mercer Dawson it was quite by accident that I met W.J. Ross a few months before he died in the early 1990s. In poor health he was spending hours on end behind a large magnifying glass attempting to decipher each word of the journal of a man he had come to admire.

So that others might experience the genius that was Dawson without having to struggle with his hand-written notes we have made available the yearly field notes Bill Ross spent so much time on.

Unfortunately, Bill died before his last effort was completed.

Can you help us finish the job?

In the grid pages below you will find that Mr. Ross completed the first 73 pages. After that we have provided the microfilm pages he was working on.

Select any of the pages that follow, decipher what you can, and email us the page as you interpret it. We will post your page and your name as having completed it.

Some microfilmed pages are difficult to read. When we have completed all we can do, we will have to decide how to fill in the gaps.

Who was George Mercer Dawson?

Pages 1 to 25

Pages 26 to 50

Pages 51 to 75

Pages 76 to 100

Pages 101 to 125

Pages 126 to 150

Pages 151 to 175

Pages 176 to 200

Pages 201 to 228

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